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You turned a knob or pushed a button to listen to the radio, inserted some kind of physical media, and if you were really fancy, maybe there were some sliders to change the EQ settings. Soon, small digital screens were appearing in our cars' center consoles, built-in alternatives to the suction-cupped GPS units that all of a sudden rendered the road atlas a thing of the past. Those screens grew and became more capable, so there was more need to interact with them. Dedicated physical buttons have given way to jogwheels, scroll- and touchpads, and then the touchscreen.

One problem with all of these additions is that they can be a distraction from driving.

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Taking your eyes off the road is bad , and touchscreen interfaces are generally not conducive to developing "eyes-off" muscle memory, particularly if they lack haptic feedback. It's not that touch interfaces are inherently bad, but they do let designers get away with shipping poor user interfaces.

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So it really probably isn't the touchscreen. That is in and of itself the problem," he said. But something like Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto, that is bringing in an interface that you're really familiar with, that feels natural, intuitive, that you're used to dealing with on your phone all the time.

That's actually a place where I think the design of that interface in a touchscreen works really well for that," Webster said. A steering wheel and pedals might have gotten us this far, but that may not hold true for the coming decades, as autonomous vehicles begin working as robotaxis in specific geofenced markets. And that's prompting people to rethink how we—as self-loading cargo—interact with those cars. Once the cars will not need to be driven, then of course, that takes away a big part of what needs to be operated in the vehicle," explained Gil Dotan, CEO of Guardian Optical Technologies.

The vision for us is to enable passenger-aware vehicles—basically create some kind of awareness between the car and the passengers. And that you can only do once you have a good understanding of who's in the car and what is the context of what the people are doing. And then you can create an interface which is much, much more proactive, which is much more suggestive," Dotan told me.

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Further Reading The car of the future is taking shape—and it will know how we feel about it If the idea of your car knowing your emotional state seems highly dystopian, it will be of little comfort to know that demo systems that can do exactly that were on display at CES in January. I'm not referring to the carpeted seats, nor the screens and center console that look plucked from a trendy hotel—although I am a fan of those aspects, too. Specifically, it thought of new ways for back seat passengers to interact with the car.

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A projector could beam displays onto different surfaces, and touch sensors underneath the seat fabric let you trace commands and gestures as inputs. BMW has been an early advocate of gestures, and you can use them to control the volume or take phone calls in some of its newer cars. I think there's always a learning curve, to get users to understand what is possible—three-finger taps, two-finger taps, pinching and zooming.

That "To play golf is to spoil an otherwise enjoyable walk.

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The artificial turf driving range is in the first fairway and Read More Seminars Offer Educational Opportunities for Improvement Both On and Off the Course The Turn's commitment to enhancing health and wellness of the physically challenged community continues to go beyond its weekly program for individuals and local groups. Educational opportunities have become a key component to Support Us Check out the many opportunities to support the The Turn!

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Read More. Bills Wills shines spotlight on The Turn at Annual Meeting Last week, the back patio of the North Olmsted Golf Club was transformed into the set of Hollywood talk show, and, believe it or not, the sun was shining. Remembering Robert A.

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Frann R. Seminars Offer Educational Opportunities for Improvement Both On and Off the Course The Turn's commitment to enhancing health and wellness of the physically challenged community continues to go beyond its weekly program for individuals and local groups. Agenda Agenda.

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