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He had two wives, Lotty and Parliament. He was still an MP when he died aged But he served Cabinet well for two decades. Less than two years later he became the fifth PM to die in office. A member of an old Tasman Bay farming family, and a teacher by training, he had been finance minister since Rob Muldoon was one of our most polarising PMs.

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Seven years and one stomach-stapling operation after entering Parliament in , David Lange became PM a week before his 42nd birthday. Geoffrey Palmer, the hardworking, loyal deputy who became PM when David Lange resigned dramatically in August , knew that Labour was doomed. He also outflanked Cabinet opposition to funding the new national museum.

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By she was our fifth-longest-serving PM and the first Labour leader to win three consecutive elections. John Key served a parliamentary apprenticeship of just six years before becoming PM. But like Marshall in , his grip on power was to last a mere 10 months. Skip to main content.

Leaders of the nation Find out more about the 40 premiers and prime ministers who have held office in New Zealand since Henry Sewell. Previous: Page 2. Political origins. Next: Page 4. Prime ministerial trivia. Share this item Share on facebook Share on twitter. Bill English. Jacinda Ardern.

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John Key. Helen Clark. Jenny Shipley.

Jim Bolger. Mike Moore. Geoffrey Palmer. Robert Muldoon.

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Wallace Rowling. John Marshall. Borden had been prime minister for three years when the First World War began in August He had no hesitation in committing Canada, then a colony, to fight for the British empire, yet as the war went on he believed with increasing conviction that the nation must have a stronger voice in decisions of policy and military action.

Facing an election in while Canadian soldiers were enduring heavy losses, he turned to conscription and a coalition with English Liberals who were willing to support a Union government. This contest profoundly divided Canadians and created lasting bitterness, particularly between anti-conscriptionist French Canadians and the English Canadians who backed the Union government. With his victory at the polls, the prime minister believed he had kept faith with his troops.

The items left in his briefcase are a significant time capsule of his last days as Prime Minister. Additional help. About the Video Clip top. Curriculum Focus top.

John Curtin

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