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It has been considered ideal within the society for centuries. However, the nuclear family is now facing a decline as a result of the changes in trends within the society today. These trends include issues like divorce. Families carried out all their activities together and lived within friendly neighborhoods.

Parents were keen on disciplining children. Graff 26 portrays children as emotional instead of economic assets, given that they were always close to their parents and happened to be the center of the family. Given the nature of the relationship, parents always studied child development and socialized with them to help them become successful adults. Middle-class, child-focused families under the leadership of wage-earning husbands became the norm, although it took a lot of time to make that family.

This is why modern family structures, barely resemble the ideal family unit. Coontz 41 argues that the nuclear family was the product of the post war era. The emergence of the nuclear family was also best suited for the industrial society. The small nature of the family made it easy for geographical and social mobility, therefore providing a haven for its members. However, today the society is keen on a nuclear family based on heterosexual adults who are married and in turn become parents. Coontz 34 expresses his feelings of the nuclear family being the building block of society. He believes that the family structure is ideal family for the modern society as it nurtures morality and discipline among children.

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Furthermore, the nuclear family allows for separate gender roles to be performed by the respective family members. Rockwell 19 also considers the nuclear family to be the ideal family structure. According to him, the family has two primary socialization functions: the stabilization of adult personalities and socialization of children where they learn the norms and values of the society.

The changes in family structures are majorly due to the expanding workplace and educational roles held by women in the society. The post-industrial economy that is information and services based has seen the married woman join the workforce Coontz On the other hand, more young adults prefer living outside their family systems.

Families with the male-breadwinner and housewife currently represent very few American households. The issue of marriage is considered by many Americans to be one in which both parents work and share household duties.

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Furthermore, women seem to constitute approximately 50 percent of the labor force. These shifts have led to a decline in marriage with a subsequent rise in the divorce rate Coontz Also, the number of American households headed by unmarried persons is on the rise with children being born to unmarried mothers. We have one, don't we: the national president. There should be one responsible person.

In such a way, the shape or structure is unified as the form gets bigger. The principle of the four position foundation makes the divided entities one. All things exist for human beings.


The whole of history concludes in all things, children and parents; in other words, it concludes in a family. This is the fundamental fact of the universe. Without parents, children cannot come into being. Children, born out of parents, are to dominate all things centering upon the parents.

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Adam and Eve are to dominate all things. All of these apply simultaneously. What kind of bundle is a bundle of love? When we open the bundle of love in our original home, an ideal husband and an ideal wife will spring out. And it is also a bundle of blessing from which an ideal family will spring. Anything coming out of this bundle of love is to be restored into the first rank, so an individual, a family, a tribe, a nation and the world are all in the first rank.

When everything is in the first rank, there's no classification of high and low. That's why brothers and sisters and the family are also to be restored.

In order to make such a unified foundation, a bundle of love -- a treasure jar -- is necessary. After knowing the taste of this love, nothing matters. The complaining husband or wife, opposing relatives and persecuting teachers do not matter at all. A problem at school is nothing. Automatically a fireball springs out of our mind. When we can make such a heartistic volcano spurt out a living life, what will come of it? People don't know that when God is burning with this love, He provokes an explosive impulse.

The family is the unchanging origin and the pivotal point. Fathers, brothers, and any national system cannot change it; it cannot be changed internationally; heaven and earth and even God cannot change it. Therefore, the noun "revolution" is not needed in the context of family because it is a place of love. Man loving woman and woman loving man is the same regardless of historical era.

There's no difference between the conjugal love of the grandfather and grandmother and that of the modern young man and woman. The feeling that all people everywhere and at all times have in adolescence is the same. But the pivotal point of the family nowadays is changing in various ways.

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The loving mind is the same, but the family structure is changing. This change is finally to cease. If a family is established on the firm pivotal point in relation to which any revolutionary change is impossible, the family will not be absorbed by any kind of ideology or "ism. If a family is established on such a foundation, it will never change and will sustain the form of a nation.

Without love a father and a mother cannot become one. Why do we like "love"? It is because we are created not to survive without it. The stronger the power of parental love over the power of individual love, the more ideal your situation will be. It is the rope of love with which you can bind your father and mother completely in oneness. The rope made out of metal rusts as times passes, but the rope made out of love is eternal.

And money or food cannot bind parents and children; only love can bind them. When a mother loves her child, and a child loves its mother, the father won't say, "Don't love the son whom 1 love. When a child loves its mother more than its father, the father won't say, "Love me more than your do your mother. Where can we have such a situation in which people love to see their spouse loving others more than themselves?

It is in the family. We can never create such a situation except in the family. The true family is the place where a husband loves his wife as his mother, and where a wife sacrifices for her husband and loves him as her older brother. And the Kingdom of Heaven is the world where a husband loves his wife as God and a wife loves and respects her husband as God.