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There are other opprotunities in those companies and if you find a different job with the same company, it may put you in prime position for their graduate roles. Also, I would like to say that it is not the people with 's or 's that sound arrogant. They are not saying they are morally superior or better than people who have 's. They appear to be saying that the classification system of degrees shows that they had more ability and worked harder. This is hard to argue with. They were clearly better students so employers will naturally give them more consideration.

Some people have argued that their 's will lead them to more interesting life experiences that people with 's or 's will lack. Not true, most of the people I know who got firsts had plenty of life experiences. They did internships, travelled abroad, volunteered, played in rock bands, and even started their own companies.

Why would a first class student not have all the great 'life experiences' that a student would have? They can both have a higher classification for thei degree and all the extra things the 's have. Now, this may sound prejudiced but I include myself in this as well. When I did my BA there were several students who just did a degree for the lifestyle and it got them out of work for a few more years. They drank and they partied. They were lovely people but they were never going to get a good grade.

Some were simply not smart enough. I was lazy but I had it where it counted and I always tried to deliver work that addressed all the key things the tutors were looking for. There needs to be critical engagement and the tutor needs to see you know what you are talking about. Even assignments I wrote on the last minute were of this standard. I was not aiming for a first because I knew it was unrealistic given that I was never going to make that much effort.

I got what I deserved, and I was happy with it because it was fair. When I did my MA, I too had lots of problems but the reason I got a pass instead of a merit is because I was not really suited to doing that degree. Now instead of making excuses, people should accept their flaws. That actually makes you stronger. You then need to look at all the jobs and opportunities available to you, pick the best ones and get applying. Before you know it, you will have a fulfilling job that you want. Once you get a job no one cares what degree you hold, and as long as you enjoyed your experience at university, that should be all that matters.

If your education has made you smarter, and has made3 you the person you are, then you certianly did not fail. People need to remeber the purpose of academic study is not to get jobs and I am not sure why this is always spouted by students.

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If you did your degree for a job, you wasted your time because I have done several jobs that paid well and did not require a degree. Just stay positive. Firstly, I graduated in with a but through hard work and perseverance, I landed myself a graduate scheme with a Times Top company in I am now a Project Manager. Although, I am conscious that many of the companies who previously had a minimum requirement of , have now upped their minimum requirements due to the increase in the number of applicants. I partially agree with Gareth's comments that scientific and engineering degrees are more difficult than the norm.

However, I believe this forum is here for constructive purposes, thus comments like "you're a waster" if you got a , prove only counter productive! Nevertheless, I am personally looking through this forum just to gauge how other graduates who obtained a have endured. It's certainly not getting easier for those of use who do not achieve a or Despite that I strongly believe if you work hard, don't just focus on graduate schemes and send your CV to agencies and gain work experience. You can still have a successful career, just remain positive.

I am on track to reach a based on my performance in my 2nd year, and a at minimum. However, most graduate schemes which require a minimum by the way still require UCAS points. How can these schemes be making the most of all the potential candidates out there when they narrow the field like this? I think if you have great A levels and a drinker's degree , you are at a bigger advantage than those who messed up their A-levels and decided to make a change and focus and get the top degree possible.

It seems absurd to me to suggest that the most recent qualification is not the most important when applying for these jobs. Would be interesting to hear of any similar stories. I'm sure there are many mature students out there who have poor A levels and a great degree, or those who did a foundation course and didn't follow the traditional routes to university who are left out like myself. My point is, don't feel hard done by with your degree.

That is of your own doing. If you have good A-levels, your poor degree should not hold you back from many graduate schemes, which is absurd by my calculations, as you have taken a step backwards from your good A-levels and pissed away your degree. Yet somebody who has tried really hard to redeem themselves and prove their capabilities at university are left with nowhere to turn, except maybe becoming a manager at McDonald's.

E award on a B.

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A course even after completing it all which always rises question from employers in a good way for me. After telling my story of why i got what i did, I've had employers relate to my story as well as showing them i hit the barrel but survived and got my self out of it. I personally just think there is too much focus on trying to somehow break into graduate roles and schemes like it's the only option and if you can't then you're a failure.

Which is utter rubbish.

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There is too much speak on here and in general in my opinion on pigeon holing people according to their degree 'quality'. The idea that talent or ability or potential can be reduced to how hard one works at university is so limiting for everybody and I believe long term this limited thinking will change. Human potential and capacity is so wide ranging and unfathomably complex that the idea of a or a being the only method used to differentiate between two candidates, to me, is mind bogglingly short sighted and idiotic fundamentally.

Don't worry I do understand they have these systems in place so as to limit the amount of applications they receive to a manageable level but I just don't think human beings are so easily 'rated' or pigeon holed! There has got to be a better system. In Switzerland they only go to uni if they have a vocational career like doctor or lawyer - otherwise they do 3 year apprenticeships.

That's one example of progressive thinking I mean. Judging in such a black and white way dehumanises people and essentially consigns a person with a shock horror he or she could be so demonstrably lax and incompetent! And no that's not to say that 'try-hards' or 'nerds' don't have their value because they do.


But it is unbelievably limiting to assume that someone's academic results are an indicator of future achievements or potential. Has anyone considered that many students will just be good students and not good workers?! Or that they will be burnt out by 22 and be useless in a work arena? Or that someone who has got a bit of life experience and 'lesser' degree has other skills that are incredibly useful? Personally I have been very well educated and I got a or I say I do as it's from Australia and when I tried working it out it was a - though their classification system is hard to translate accurately to ours.

I have lived in four other countries other than England, I've travelled, I've met interesting people, I've thought about the important things in life because as I finished school I realised it's just a convayabelt of 'head down, study hard, be obedient, fall into line' and that just wasn't me and that isn't life to me.

So I guess I want to say to any young graduates or school leavers enjoy your life! You only get one life and you only get one youth.

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  6. I never wanted to waste it jumping through hoop after hoop. I don't regret doing the things I've done and not bothering with working bloody hard at uni at uni I was there to get a degree and have a bloody good time - and I did! Travel, explore, work abroad, live life and don't worry about keeping up with joneses or getting that job that all your mates are going for.

    By living how I have it's been tough at times but it's been so much a richer life and I haven't got tied up in the rat race yet I will add! But I feel ok with the idea of it now having broken free from the chains of constant 'achievement' and 'measuring sticks'. Humans are such incredibly complex creatures that you just can't reduce them to a simple academic classification.

    Student A who gets all A's at A Levels and a first degree may have the personality of a barn door and therefore no people skills or hobbies outside of work. Student C got B, B, B and a but is extremely good with people, very practically minded and has great capacity for leadership or management.

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    I would sooner employ student B or C any day. I wouldn't change any of what I've done for the world and I feel so grateful that I haven't done what every Tom, Dick and Harry did after school and be a good boy and get a first because as we know now in the current climate even a first degree won't guarantee anything! Now I am trying to find work after all the living abroad and experimenting I've done and it's not a walk in the park of course. But my mind is so pen to all the different options I have I'm in a better position to find something.

    I have great faith that I will find work that will satisfy me. And one thing that stepping off the convayabelt gives you and trekking the road less travelled is that you meet so many interesting people that give you ideas and contacts for jobs. Almost all of the jobs I've got or gone for or had good chances for have been through knowing somebody. I feel a burning desire inside to do it because it's something I'm passionate about - that's the most important thing to find. Try not to bash into the walls too much.

    Try to have a nice family, have fun, save a little money. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use. So stay strong, think for yourself and don't assume that because everyone is jumping off the cliff it must be what you do too. I have to admit it is annoying to be in the same degree classification as some people on my course who never turned up to uni and just scraped a 2.

    Equally there were also people on my course who I was disappointed for as they worked hard and deserved to get a 2.

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    Uni is a different experience for everyone while some people discover their academic abilities other very intelligent people fall through the cracks due to low attendance, poor study skills or perhaps just because they have to work part time. As mentioned by James 7 November A level results do seem to be more important to employers who run graduate schemes at the moment. I agree that if you have good A levels and a 2. Many automatically reject applications from those with less than UCAS points, regardless of degree classification.