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e-book The Deathless Pirate King: Dragon Blood Pirates: Book Seven

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But, the outlook is not all gloomy. Positive action is taking place to protect this threatened species as well as other endangered animals such as the bison, the Antarctic fur seal and the kakapo. Gizmo, The When a boy steals a Gizmo for a dare, weird things began to happen.

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Quirky tails A collection of humorous short stories of unexpected phenomena with a twist. Uncovered A group of nine appealing science fiction fantasy stories. Unreal Boys are the heroes in each of the tales in this assortment of funny, scary and disgusting short stories. Grandad's gifts Shane's curiosity gets the better of him as he must know what is in the forbidden cupboard.

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Leaving the land of broken buildings and crushed hopes behind. Looking forward to sunshine and steaks. How he wished that he was one of the lucky ones. It is a tale of loss, guilt, mistaken identity and taking risks but also surprisingly heartwarming and heartbreaking. Different dog, A 'I'll tell you something, Chase. Don't beg. Some people beg because they have nothing.

Dragon Blood Pirates: #16 Graveyard Diamonds

But a dog should never do it just because someone says the word beg'. The unforgettable story of a boy who cannot speak and the day he finds his voice. Unforgettable what's his name, The Even before all this happened, I had never been like the other kids. I tried not to be seen. If I climbed a tree or hid among the bins, no one could find me. Then, one weekend, I got what I wanted.

First, I blended in with things. But, on the second day, I changed.

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I mean, really changed. Duck for cover A large-format joke book with a couple of levels of interpretation so readers will find something new with each reading. Dragon Blood Pirates series Two modern day boys, sometimes accompanied by their little sister and a sinister three-legged cat, are able to fall through time portals back to the time of bloodthirsty pirates and rollicking sea adventures. Any two titles read from this series can be included as official Challenge books; up to five more titles can be included as your personal choice books.

Or, you can search for a series name or the individual titles by using the Search function on the top left hand corner of the screen. Dragon blood pirates: dead man's whirlpool Al and Owen return to the Dragon Blood Islands to find clues to the sabre's magical words and find out more about their ancestors amongst the pirates.

Halloween Special: H. P. Lovecraft

But when the boys run into Slitgut who forces them to walk the plank, they uncover more than they could have expected in their wildest dreams. Dragon blood pirates: death diamond Al and Owen have suddenly found themselves trapped on a rocky outcrop in the middle of a rising sea in another place and another century. They have to work out how they got there and how to get home, and more importantly, how to survive pirates like Captain Gunner, Snotty Nell and the ghost of Vicious Victor.

Dragon blood pirates: doubloons and disaster Al and Owen are again back in the world of the pirates and Al is beginning to discover his connection with this earlier time. The boys use their wits to escape some terrifying dangers as they rescue cash-strapped pirates. But, they will need all their resources to escape the evil clutches of Captain Blacktooth. Dragon blood pirates: graveyard diamonds Al finds Prince Alleric's diary in the sea trunk in his attic and discovers some intriguing connections to his family history.

The kids return to the islands in pursuit of Al's ancestors' treasure, visit the plague city and discover the golden key that opens a door to a secret in Dragon Island's hidden city. Dragon blood pirates: idols and ivory This time Al's little sister, Hal, joins them unwittingly and unwillingly on their adventure.

But she turns out to be another clue in their connection with this adventurous time in history. Al and Owen rescue kidnapped baby elephants and Al's decoding skills prove very handy for locating secret treasure. Dragon blood pirates: jewels and jolly rogers This time, Al and Owen escape to the time of the pirates without Al's annoying little sister. Perhaps it's just as well for they have to battle pirates and escape cannibals to get home, alive and uneaten. Dragon blood pirates: power of the sabre In their final adventure in the Dragon Blood Islands, the boys find their way through the maze and into the underground city, home of the sorcerer's hidden room.

Al finishes reading his grandfather's diary and discovers the word he and his friends have been seeking to empower his sabre.

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  • Dragon blood pirates: power of the scabbard The Scabbard of Invincibility finally has its four black diamonds in place and this means its powers are back in action. When Al wears it, he is invincible. But, while Al, Owen and Snakeboot, the cat, are away, Gunner sails off with the sabre and scabbard, leaving the boys behind.

    His plan is to attack Blacktooth and regain Velvetfoot's treasure. Dragon blood pirates: ransom The boys return to the Dragon Blood Islands with the key to the secret door. When the girls are taken hostage by Captain Slitgut, the boys come to their rescue. But, they must try to overturn Gunner's rumour that they duped his enemy pirates with a real sabre. Dragon blood pirates: skulls and sabres Al and Owen are back with the pirates but, in this adventure, they are up against an even scarier enemy, ghosts, and they're still to meet the most terrifying pirate of them all.