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For 2. From the time George was ordained I changed positions with every change of parish moving 'a little further north each year' until we reached Cairns in Almost back to the beginning for each of us as George grew up on a guest house and my parents hospitality extended to a diverse group of people that included several of the technology students particularly those from Thailand and Malaysia. I couldn't Complete it so as an alternative opted for admission in Diploma Dairy Tech.

I resigned from Dairy to start my own business. In we started canning factory Vasundhara canning Pvt. I am one of the promoter of the company and the chief promoter was Late Mr. Our Company was conferred with 12 Awards for outstanding performance in export of processed foods by the State Government.

New Delhi I am semi retired now and my both sons are running the business in colloberation with Foods and Inns Ltd. I am involved in social activities and Trusties of two hospitals and Nursing School. Member of Lions club of Pardi-Green city. Janis Swan nee Trout. I worked in industry for two years, returned to lecture n the Technology department for a year before getting a Walter Mulholland Fellowship and then went to the University of Waterloo in Ontario to complete a PhD in chemical engineering.

I learnt how to cope with lots of snow, but it the weather was an inducement to complete my PhD in three years. A further 16 years all very enjoyable were spent investigating firstly rendering and blood processing, followed by meat product development. I then decided on a change of career and became an academic at the University of Waikato.

These programmes are accredited to international standards.

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I have always valued my time at Massey. Getting a BTech opened up many pathways and the technology lecturers of the time were good role models. Unfortunately, none of the limited next generation have gone to Massey. I arrived at Massey in early as a junior lecturer in Zoology having completing a Masters degree at Auckland. Junior lectureships allowed one to do a PhD part time, while earning a salary of pounds for teaching. I was one of 4 new staff hired to establish and teach the new Zoology courses. Initially, we were housed in the venerable main building but moved to the brand-new Interim Biology Building the following year.

I worked on a freshwater snail for my PhD, utilising two campus ponds now gone and the Turitea Stream to study its life history. My wife Christine did a PhD in Biochemistry and in we became the first students to complete doctorates in our respective subjects at Massey University.

In those days Massey was small enough to have a strong sense of community and notably, we were able to put out exceptionally strong staff cricket teams for which I opened the bowling to play annual matches against the students and Victoria University staff on the green outside the Refectory. On leaving Massey we did post-doctoral research at the University of British Columbia and then returned to Christchurch where we have lived ever since.

My research at the University of Canterbury has centred on the ecology of streams, aquatic insect biology and ecosystem processes. I was appointed to a personal chair in Zoology in and spent the next 5 years as head of department. I am now retired.

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The diverse responsibilities I enjoyed at Massey in the s clearly provided the basis for a rewarding career in research and university teaching. Massey was a small university in those days, but it had a first-rate and well-deserved reputation. Whilst at Werribee, I did some teaching and, amongst other things, was involved with a collaborative program on whey research led in Australia from the CSIRO Dairy Research Laboratory and with links to some international research groups, including in New Zealand.

I then spent a few years as Technical Manager at the Victorian Dairy Industry Authority a statutory regulatory and marketing body in Melbourne, followed by a stint at Nabisco also in Melbourne, as Technical Manager.

All Graduate Program Alumni

I was with QUF Parmalat Australia after acquisition in for 22 years, until I retired in , and consulted back to the company for a couple of years after retiring from full-time work. I've done some consulting for other organisations too over the last few years. My wife Sue and I still live in Brisbane. I'm very grateful for the years at Massey - the time at Massey was a lot of fun and was a great preparation for a satisfying career in the food industry. The staff in food technology was outstanding and, although a bit reluctant to single anyone out, I would like to record particular thanks to Mary Earle, who as well as being a trail-blazer in product development methodology, was an inspiring lecturer and valued mentor.

This really impressed this fresher from Mosgiel and lead to my personal involvement in many Massey stunts. I suppose my own personal greatest stunt was when we gave the Massey University to Queen Elizabeth as a new colony. I am proud to say that I completed this in and was capped by Chancellor Les Gandar in that year. Post Grad Diploma in Ag. Engineering from Lincoln in Moved to Katikati in and became involved in the Kiwifruit industry as a grower,politician and packhouse director.

For the last 12 years worked in Grower Services for Aongatete Coolstores.

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Lifemember of the Katikati Fruitgrowers Association. Retired June and now running a dairy support unit. Spare time spent with horses,cycling,Rotary and family. Was responsible for producing polyunsaturated cheese and yoghurt. In transferred to the UK to work on the project but it was closed after 12 months. Of my four children, one is living in Ireland , married to an Irish lass and the other three are married to English people and living in England.

They have produced eight grand children. The were the best years of my life. I was an extramural student intermittently from - It suited me to do one or two papers a year, because I lived in the country and had three young children.

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The list of books, assignments and outline study guides were rudimentary compared to today, but I appreciated the wonderful library service. I still have my stack of yellow library tickets. Books had to be ordered well in advance and arrived in oilskin bags. Gradually I accumulated enough papers to complete a B A in history, but had to do stage 3 at Canterbury as an internal student in It was not possible to do Stage 3 extramurally then.

Apart from the academic study which I loved, a highlight was the holiday courses at Massey - compulsory at Stage Two.

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It was a delight for those of us who had never been to University to experience lectures and tutorials. They worked us hard during the day and we played hard at night! We were from many walks of life - teachers, , nurses, clergymen - all trying to upgrade or accumulate qualifications; often married.

A great opportunity to let the hair down.


It wasn't all bell bottoms, Carol King and flat parties. We worked pretty hard too. Long nights in the library - these were the pre-digital days when we had to actually read books and photocopy reference material. And when we got extra marks if our handwriting was neat! But they were fantastic years at Massey, and it was a privilege to be a part of it.

David and I were geography students together, and we are still together, so we have more than most for which to thank Massey. She is also a civil celebrant and florist and sings in a choir. As an adult student in the s and with 4 children I was one of the few of that age studying at that time although I wasn't, of course, the only one.

I was 20 years older than most students. I am now retired after a career in Social Work. I was a student from to - 7 years in all.

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Ashley is a visiting Professor at Te Whare W? Kaitatau M? Both of Ashley's daughters, Ingrid and Alison, also are Massey alums. After working as a social worker in health and mental health I transitioned to the area of organisational development and conflict management.

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Most recently I have been to a workshop based on research from Minnesota about the Impact of Overindulgence on Children. As they grow up and then come to work! From there I have been developing ways of talking about this very important issue in NZ. Being a Kiwi with a global perspective is a real advantage working for a US company, the fact I grew up in Chile and speak Spanish also helps.

Would encourage all my fellow Alumni to feel proud of your Antipodean ancestry and the unique perspective we are able to offer employers Michael Godfrey Bachelor of Arts Honours I was appointed Dean of the Anglican Cathedral of Saint John, Waiapu in Napier from October this year, relinquishing a position in Darwin to take the new post. I started work at New Zealand Steel south of Auckland the day it became an integrated steelworks, manufacturing steel products from ironsand.

After time overseas in Asia and at home with children, I started tasting cheese and milk products part-time at Fonterra Research and Development Centre in Palmerston North. This led to full-time work in the Sensory Team analysing sensory data. I then decided that further study was required in order to be able to do more varied statistical work. I completed a Master of Applied Statistics in , after 5 years part-time study.

Zhao spent a lot of time in learning cheese technology, with lectures, plant visits and two weeks practice at NZ Dairy Research Institue now Fonterra Research and Development Centre. The flat , more like woodshed than house. The Fitzherbet jug skuling competitions which record was 1.

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The soak days which I did not participate were from a parallel universe. Through all of this the wisdom and genius of Dr William Renault , guided and inspired my way through the challenges of University. Massey provided a chance to learn and too grow as an individual, it was a hugely beneficial time for me and 26 years on I still have fond memories of the staffing faculty led by Dr Renault. I attended Massey University from Both of these from Massey University extramurally.

I am member of New Zealand Organisation of Quality and actively participate in organised events and networking.