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Start your journey of self-discovery and gain the confidence to release your chains and live the life you want to lead. Going beyond mere success and leaving a legacy behind us is what leads to true fulfillment in life. His energy radiates wherever he goes, which makes him the perfect coach. The insights I gained have helped me to increase the effectiveness of my communication in my daily job.

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Moreover, Tom is a great person, both professionally and personally. They gave hands-on tips that I could immediately use for my presentation the next day. Their passion to share and inspire is remarkable and gives an energy boost to all participants that lasts until long after the session.

Tom finds a way to combine tips on self-help with scientific research, making his session well structured and trustworthy. She incorporates tools and insights from her clinical world as well as the holistic spiritual training she has received. Kathi Norman is a physician assistant working in the Portland, Oregon area with over 30 years of medical practice.

She studied the science of positive psychology with Dr. Her passion is the marriage of medicine and positive psychology. She has accepted a position at George Fox University as the Director of Clinical Education in the first entry level physician assistant doctorate program. She is an international speaker on forgiveness and its relationship to health and well-being.

Dan Tomasulo. Honored by Sharecare as one of the top ten online influencers on the issue of depression Dan is a highly sought-after international speaker on topics including positive psychology, hope, and positive psychotherapy. His award-winning memoir, American Snake Pit, details his involvement helping the residents of Willowbrook, the worst asylum in American history.

Faisal provides a safe space in his sessions, I feel supported and heard.

When setting goals, he helps me to tap into and remember that I have the answers within myself. I have all that I need to accomplish what I wish.

The Secret to Living an Extraordinary Life

Our sessions allowed for a free flow of communication. Faisal helped provide clarity on my thought process, allowing me to focus on key actions that I needed to move forward with my life. I ended up creating an action plan that set me in motion and now I am on my way to obtaining my PhD. Amaro, Entrepreneur.

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The middle class is under a tight squeeze; income levels are decreasing, jobs are being shipped overseas and most people are not happy with their work. The great news is, you can take yourself out of this industrialists equation.

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They go to college not because they want to but because the norm tells them to. They live not on their terms, but other people terms. Now, what sort of fun is this?

Living an Extraordinary Life

And instead, always think about how can do something differently. After watching hours of other people vlogging and playing video games, I discovered you can either follow the life of someone else and watch them become successful, or you can focus on you and watch yourself become successful. And to do the latter is when you feel most alive.