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New arrivals. Add to Wishlist. In this challenging and provocative book, Tom Frame, one of Australia's best - known writers on religion and society, examines diminishing theological belief and declining denominational affiliation. He argues that Australia has never been a very religious nation but that few Australians have deliberately rejected belief - most simply can't see why they need to be bothered with religion at all.

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He contends that vehement campaigning against theistic belief is the product of growing disdain for religious fundamentalism and a vigorous commitment to personal autonomy. Losing My Religion contends that God is certainly not dead but that Australia's religious landscape will continue to change as the battle for hearts, minds and spirits continues.

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Published on the sesquicentennial of the first release of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species , this book will provoke debate about what matters to Australians. Reviews Review Policy. Published on.

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Original pages. Little seems to have changed since, beyond a purple patch in the Victorian era and war years, but alarms started sounding in the late s when God may have been bested by the Sunday night movie. The remaining sections of Frame's book largely concern the historical cut and thrust between believers and the non-believers headed by Richard Dawkins, Phillip Adams and their dark cohorts, and make for a useful summary of the arguments.

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The debate about God appears destined to go on for as long as human beings are around and trying to make sense of this all too brief existence of ours. Frame has not been left untouched in writing his book. At its conclusion he reveals, "In darker moments I confess that religious faith torments my mind, mocks my judgments and burdens my spirit.

My religious faith is not ultimately based on arguments but grounded in a person whom I believe is God Incarnate. This leap of faith sounds a lot like I believe in God because I believe in God, but then, I suppose, why not?

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After all the scholarly bluster regarding the existence of God, something we can never finally prove either way anyway, what are we ultimately left with but our own judgment and gut feeling? The first Mass of the day on YouTube. Subscribe Subscribe.