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    The Prince was not printed until , when editions were produced at Rome and Florence. The earliest edition represented among the holdings of the University Library is that produced in Venice by the famous Aldine press in click here to see the record. The second earliest edition in the Library's holdings see its record here is a false imprint from , purporting to have been issued at Palermo by the heirs of Antoniello degli Antonielli. In fact, it was printed at London by John Wolfe.

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    But it is more likely, given the almost universal condemnation of the Prince and its political maxims throughout sixteenth-century Europe, that Wolfe was simply concealing his own responsibility for the edition in order to turn a profit while keeping himself out of trouble. It was to be more than 50 years before the first English translation would be published. The influence of the Index made it very difficult to print Machiavelli in Italy itself, so editions for the Italian market were often produced in the Protestant cantons of Switzerland.

    You can see images of them in the picture gallery on the right. What really spread knowledge of the Prince throughout Europe was the Latin translation done by the Italian radical Protestant exile Silvestro Tegli for the benefit of North European readers. This was frequently reprinted and the University Library has copies of the first edition and of many of its successors:. Even before it appeared in print, Il Principe was known in manuscript to a limited circle of readers.

    One of them, Agostino Nifo , actually plagiarised it, translating sections of it into Latin to form the basis of his De regnandi peritia , but also omitting or toning down some of the more controversial aspects of the original work.