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If you take your medication, your TB will get better. Once tests show you are no longer contagious, you will be able to do the same things you did before you became sick. You can protect your family and friends by following the home isolation instructions given to you and by taking your TB medications as instructed by your health care provider.

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You can also help protect your family and friends by making sure they get tested for TB. If you are going to a medical appointment, you must wear a mask until you return home. If you travel to an appointment in a car with other people, keep the windows open as much as possible. It is very important that you tell the health care providers paramedics, doctors, nurses that you have contagious TB.

Home Isolation for Tuberculosis (TB)

This will help them to protect themselves and other people nearby. TB is not spread by direct physical contact, such as shaking hands, kissing, or sex. However, since TB is spread through the air, if you are often in close contact with someone who has TB, there is a risk you could catch the disease.

TB is not spread by sharing glasses, plates, utensils, clothing, sheets, furniture, or toilets. These items do not need any special cleaning. Check with your health care provider about whether you are well enough to spend time outside. You do not need to wear a mask when you are outside but you should stay away from other people.

Your used masks and tissues can be put in the regular garbage.


Be sure to wash your hands frequently, especially after taking off your mask or using a tissue. To learn more about the laws that can restrict the activities of people with contagious diseases such as TB, visit the B. Public Health Act: www. Skip to main content. Last Updated:. August Download PDF:.

Updated TB Testing and Treatment Recommendations for Health Care Personnel

What is tuberculosis TB? What is home isolation? How do I comply with home isolation? Remain in your home.

How Is TB Spread?

Take your TB medicines, eat healthy foods, and get plenty of rest. Wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth if you must go to medical appointments and when health care providers come to your home. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough, sneeze, or laugh. Air out rooms you are staying in by opening the window if the weather allows.

Stop the Spread of TB

Tell any new health care providers such as ambulance paramedics that you have TB. Do not have visitors, especially children and people with weak immune systems. TB drugs can be toxic to your liver, and your side effects may be a warning sign of liver damage.

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If you are having trouble with tingling and numbness, you doctor may prescribe a vitamin B6 supplement while you are in treatment. It may also be possible to change TB medications if your side effects are serious.

How to Avoid and Prevent Tuberculosis: Expert Medical Advice

Here are some ways to help you remember to take your TB medicine:. If you and your doctors have any concerns about you being able to manage your medicine on your own, you may need to work with a healthcare worker who will make sure you are taking your medicine correctly. If you have active TB disease, it will take a few weeks of treatment before you can't spread TB bacteria to others. Until your healthcare provider tells you to go back to your daily routine, here are ways to protect yourself and others near you:.

Select your location to view local American Lung Association information near you Enter your zipcode. Living With Tuberculosis What to Expect While you are in treatment for active TB disease, you will need regular checkups to make sure your treatment is working. Common side effects include: upset stomach, nausea and vomiting or loss of appetite. Here are some ways to help you remember to take your TB medicine: Take your medicine at the same time every day.

For example, you can take it before breakfast, or after you brush your teeth. Each day when you take your medicine mark it off on a calendar. Get a weekly pill dispenser that has a section for each day of the week. Put your pills in it. Ask someone close to you to check in daily to make sure you have taken your medicine. Ask your healthcare provider what you should do if you forget to take your pills. Until your healthcare provider tells you to go back to your daily routine, here are ways to protect yourself and others near you: Take your medicine exactly as the healthcare provider directed.

When you cough, sneeze or laugh, cover your mouth with a tissue. Put the tissue in a closed bag and throw it away. Do not go to work or school until your healthcare provider says it's OK to go back.