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You will need to come to the Library's reading rooms to use some of these which include:. Frequently used family history material on microfiche and microfilm such as electoral rolls and shipping records can be found on open access in the Newspapers and Family History zone of the Main Reading Room.

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Check our guide to Family history sources in the Newspapers and Family History zone to see what else we hold. In this instance, students can still collect family objects, share them with peers, and make a class quilt, but the mapping portion would be omitted as well as any research on ancestors.

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Encourage families to talk with their children about their choices in completing the activity. For example, adopted children may want to include both sets of parents or solely the adoptive parents. Prepare your students for the lesson by reading a variety of short stories that focus on immigration. Be sure to include stories about the First Americans — those indigenous to the land — and about African Americans who were forcibly transported to America as slaves. Look through your own classroom or school library for other suitable stories.

The Washingtons: A Family History, Volume 7 Part 2: Generation Eleven of the Presidential Branch

Read aloud a few selected titles or sections to the class. Discuss the themes and issues presented in the literature.

Ask: Why do people from all over the world come to America? Where do they come from?

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How do they get here? Discuss how an influx of immigrants may affect those who are already here. Provide students with a due date. Emphasize that students should project their voices, use inflection, make eye contact and add feeling to their oral presentation.

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