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Michael Kravchuk's arrangement is based on a four-note ostinato and the sheet music is available to download online in three different versions according to your skill level Easy , Intermediate and Advanced. It includes helpful suggestions for fingering. The song has also been covered by Sir Cliff Richard. The piece opens with a chilly-sounding ostinato in the bass, before progressing into scales accompanying that unmistakeable tune for the right hand.

You can find the sheet music for the main theme here. Pianists who are fairly confident on the keys can take a look at this version arranged by Alex Ness, David Sides and David Gracia. It also includes suggestions for fingering and chords to guide you along the way. The beautiful melody was originally composed for celesta — an instrument that looks similar to the piano but which contains metal plates instead of strings.

To recreate its musical box-like sound, dynamics should be kept pianissimo as quiet as possible and the music should be played in a fairly slow and graceful manner. The sheet music is available to view on 8notes. Starting with a broken arpeggio in the key of C Major, it makes good use of the damper pedal — and the added sevenths throughout give it a wonderfully rich feel. Download the sheet music here.

It also holds the Guinness World Record for the best-selling single of all time. Alternating between the major and minor key, it conjures a mournful yet nostalgic feel, while added sevenths and ninths help to build texture. Play this piece slowly and with the damper pedal for a truly white Christmas.

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And if you're in the mood for something festive, why not tune into Classic FM Christmas — an online stream playing nothing but the most festive music! Optional teacher duets are included, but these selections can stand on their own. The arrangements of classical composers are particularly interesting. Following the colorful activity pages that reinforce the concepts of Grade 1A, are eight attractive arrangements celebrating the music of the Christmas season. Lyrics are included; some are duets, and some are stand-alone solos.

Students play many genres of music—nine classical arrangements, folk songs, and original solos by FJH composers. Colorful art, easy-to-write-on staff sizes, and short exercises make this a fun book to use. This book engages the student and completes a well-rounded curriculum. The Recital Book offers outstanding repertoire for recitals and fun! The pieces feature a variety of styles in varying keys, reinforcement of reading and skills presented in the Lesson and Technique Book.

Practice steps and musicality questions help students learn to listen and enjoy music. This book is an ideal supplement to any method. The beautiful arrangements, colorful art, and crisp engraving make this book so attractive!

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There are five engaging activity pages and eight solos five of which have an optional duet. The last page is a Music Dictionary. Grade 2A presents new concepts such as: natural sign; eighth notes; note B below Middle C; musical form; balance between the hands; half and whole steps; damper pedal; major five-finger patterns in D and A major; minor five-finger patterns in C, G, F and D; and major and minor cross-hand arpeggios.

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The recordings offer three tracks for each piece: practice speed, performance speed, and performance speed with orchestral accompaniments. This book is full of creative activities that reinforce theoretical concepts. There are matching games, drawing and identifying intervals and notes, ear training, composing opportunities, and much more. Exercises are short and varied, and can easily be done at home and quickly checked at the lesson. This correlated collection offers a variety of musical styles that reinforce concepts and skills introduced in this level.

Most of the 15 pieces are two pages long, and a few have optional teacher duets. There are two folk songs nestled among the outstanding original solos by FJH composers. Eight popular carols arranged in a variety of keys are suitable for family gatherings, church or recitals. This book has five pages of special, holiday-themed activities that students will enjoy.

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This set contains cards presented in a clear and organized manner providing an easy way to drill, reinforce, and introduce new concepts. Traditional note reading as well as intervallic reading is further reinforced.

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Each card is numbered so they can be kept in sequence and are correlated to the 2A Lesson and Technique Book. A wonderful way to motivate and reward students on a successful assignment! Designed from the beautiful artwork found in the four correlating Grade 2A books.

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The terrific music in this book reinforces concepts from Grade 2A while introducing several more: introduction to the sonatina; interval of a 6th; Italian terms of poco, a tempo, pp, ostinato, fermata and molto; waltz bass; broken chord bass; the dotted quarter note; reading ledger lines above, below and in-between the staffs; legato pedaling; the IV chord; and eighth rest.