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When he learned of a particularly powerful one, silica hydride SH , he realized that it had the potential to greatly enhance the quality of life of the cancer patient.

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About a year ago he discovered an alternative medicine, Protocel that proved to be effective in curing cancer, at least from an anecdotal perspective. He realized that there is a main attribute of Protocels that also exists in SH. He brought Protocels to the attention a cancer victim, whom he calls Susie.

Susie had been treated for metastatic breast cancer for eight years.

It had metastasized to her brain. Only one victim out of a thousand survives brain cancer For various reasons she refused to take Protocels, but was willing to take more of the SH, which she was already taking. She did so with other antioxidants and supplements for about six months. The only side effects that she noticed were more energy and stamina. At the end of that period she was found to be cancer free.


Finally, these results suggest that garlic extracts and compounds can be a gastroprotective agent against H. Omega-3 is polyunsaturated fatty acids n-3 PUFAs with a double bond at the third carbon atom from the end of the carbon chain. It is known to prevent anti-cancer, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation Recently several investigators have examined the anti-inflammatory effects of n-3 on H. Correia et al.

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All of these data suggested that DHA is possible as supplementary drug on either removal treatment of H. However, Meier et al. Therefore our study group investigated effects of n-3 FAs in H. In 45 weeks after H. Recently, Kuriki et al. Conclusively, in order to demonstrate the preventive or therapeutic effects of n-3 PUFAs for gastric diseases induced by H.

If we have results about that long-term administration of n-3 PUFAs have preventive effects for gastritis and H.

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Korea and Japan are similar to gastric carcinogenesis environment. In Japan, the eradication of H. Kimchi is representative fermented, antioxidant food and a safe food for thousands of years been ingested in Korea. If we can make a specially reciped kimchi, it hypothesized this would be an ideal food with cancer prevention.

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The following experiment was in our laboratory. Several researchers have found that Lactobacillus plantarum L. To explore the effects of specially reciped kimchi containing phytoceutical on H. Among them, one group was fed drinking water containing extract of cancer preventive kimchi. As a result, H. However, the group fed with cancer preventive kimchi was reduced significantly.

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Furthermore, H. In addition, we confirmed that a specially reciped kimchi reduced H. Taken with all these evidences, it is expected to possible cancer preventive kimchi development for gastric cancer prevention specially formulated with well-known anti-cancer phytochemicals. Licorice extracts derived from dried root of Glycyrrhiza species, which is widely used as drugs in East and West are known to be have preventive effects for GI disease. Licorice extracts contained biologically active substance including glycyrrhizin, licochalcone A, licorisoflavan A etc.

Recently several research groups suggested that licorice extracts and its biologically active substance have effects of detoxification, antioxidant, anti-inflammation, anti-bacteria and anti-cancer. Nevertheless licorice whole extracts were limited to use due to the side effects by glycyrrhizin.

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Therefore our research group studied that special licorice extracts s-lico have preventive effects for H. S-lico contained low glycyrrhizin and high lico. When stomach was infected by H. As a result, s-lico had significant scavenging activity for ROS and H. Therefore s-lico had ROS-scavenging activity through anti-oxidant effects against H.

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After H. Several studies reported that H.

Cancer preventive—kimchi

So, to determine that s-lico had effects for angiogenesis, we checked the VEGF expression as known angiogenesis marker in cancer cells. As a result s-lico exposed cells significantly declined the expression of VEGF. It is important that s-lico decreased angiogenesis activity by H. To demonstrate whether preventive effects of s-lico validated in vivo , we performed animal experiment using mice.

Wild type mice were infected by H. We divided three groups including non-treated group, H. And H. On the other hand, s-lico treated group reduced the levels of angiogenesis related cytokines.

The COX-2 expression was increased in H. Taken together, we supported that s-lico had effects of anti-oxidant, anti-inflammation and anti-cancer in inflammation related carcinogenesis with gastritis thus, s-lico may affects preventive effects for stomach disease by H. Probiotics, non-pathogenic microbial feed, are already being widely applied in the treatment of GI infections and GI diseases including irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis, and liver diseases as an alternate way to enhance anti-microbial and anti-inflammation 41 - In clinical reports, the addition of probiotics to proton pump inhibitor PPI -based triple therapy augmented the likelihood of successful H.

In particular, probiotics competed directly with H. Several human studies have investigated the efficacy of probiotics for the treatment of H. Most of the studies reported an improvement of H. However, none of the studies could demonstrate complete eradication of H.