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Obi accommodates a spectrum of people who have difficulty feeding themselves. Users should possess the ability to safely, and successfully, operate Obi as well as the ability to chew and swallow without assistance. Obi comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides up to 4 hours of eating time per full charge.

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The spoon, plate, and placemat can all be washed in a sink or dishwasher. Enjoy your meal at your own pace and on your own terms - Bestic is an assistive eating device created by and for people who have impaired arm or hand function.

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Being able to control your meal yourself can contribute to increased quality of life and increased well-being. Bestic is very easy to use and allows the user to decide the pace of their meal. Bestic is neat and compact with a unique design to fit into the table setting. Bestic has an adjustable arm with a spoon on the end. The movements of the arm are controlled by the user through any switch that can be pressed by the user for instance the hand, knee, foot, chin or shoulder.

Bestic has different control methods to change how the user guides the spoon on the plate. For their test of altruistic behavior, the team devised an experimental box with two compartments divided by a transparent partition.

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On one side of the box, a rat was forced to swim in a pool of water, which it strongly disliked. Although not at risk of drowning—the animal could cling to a ledge—it did have to tread water for up to 5 minutes. The only way the rodent could escape its watery predicament was if a second rat—sitting safe and dry on a platform—pushed open a small round door separating the two sides, letting it climb onto dry land.

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  • Within a few days, the high-and-dry rats were regularly aiding their soaking companions by opening the door , the team reports online today in Animal Cognition. Rats that had previously been immersed learned how to save their cagemates much more quickly than those who had never been soaked, suggesting that empathy drove their behavior, she adds.

    go Next, the team put the rodents to the ultimate test, pitting chocolate against altruism. In this experiment, rats on the dry platform had to choose between two doors, one that allowed their soaked companion to escape from the pool and another that provided access to a tasty chocolate treat. By Martin Enserink Nov. By Herton Escobar Nov.

    By Warren Cornwall Nov. By Dennis Normile Nov.

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